Institute of Systems Engineering and Control

The Institute of Systems Engineering and Control was established in 1986, which once was an important component of the Institute of Management Science, Institute of Applied Systems Analysis and Institute of Automation. In the same year, the specialty of system engineering obtained the right to grant master’s degree, and grant doctor’s degree in 1996. The institute currently has twenty-six faculties with six professors, eight associate professors, ten instructors, five doctoral supervisors and nine master supervisors.

The institute is undertaking the teaching and cultivation of post-graduate master and doctoral students spread seven specialties: systems engineering, intelligent transportation systems engineering, transportation and logistics, transportation planning and management, safety technology and engineering, urban traffic engineering, and systems analysis and integration. In recent years, the institute has taken charged of five National 863 Plan project, participated in two National 973 Plan project, fifteen NKTRDPs during the tenth five-year plan period of China, twelve National Natural Science Foundations of China, and many provincial level programs. Besides these the institute faculties have published more than three hundred academic papers, twenty-two monographs or textbooks, six national invention patents and thirty-six computer software copyrights. Moreover, the institute has achieved several scientific and technological progress awards at provincial or ministerial level, and has made remarkable achievements in research and application areas of traffic and transportation systems engineering, intelligent transportation systems engineering, management systems engineering, information and control systems engineering, logistic systems engineering and environment systems engineering.


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