Systems Science Institute

Institute of systems science, established in 2001, after more than 10 years of construction, has been formulated under the lead of Changjiang Scholars and Outstanding Yang Scholars and the backbone of the National Excellent Youth, the Talents of the New Century, and the National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation winner. This institute has a reasonable high-level disciplinary structure which composed of 15 members (4 professors. 7 associate professors and senior engineers. 4 assistant professors and all members own doctoral degrees including 1 Changjiang Scholar Distinguished Professor. 1 Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor. 1 National Outstanding Youth Scholar. 6 the Ministry of Education New Century Excellent talents.2 winners of National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation (one hundred). 1 winner of the Beijing Municipal Science and Technology Nova Program and the Henry Fok foundation of young teachers. In this institute, the current major areas of research include the theory of road traffic flow modeling, analysis and control, traffic flow management and induction of the road network, complexity theory and methods for transportation systems and rail transportation system modeling and simulation.

The Systems Science Institute is primarily responsible for the planning and construction of the first-level discipline of systems science and also participate in the construction of the first-level disciplines of transportation engineering and control science and engineering and the construction of the Rail Traffic Control and Safety National Key Laboratory and MOE Key Laboratory for Transportation Complex Systems Theory and Technology. It also owns a post-doctoral research station of the first-level discipline of systems science. The mentioned first-level discipline which is constructed by the institute, are ranked first during the national-level disciplinary assessment in 2004 and 2008 and achieved the Beijing key first-level discipline in 2012. In addition, Prof. Gao. Ziyou is the academic leader of the institute. As the instructor he has trained 2 National Excellent Doctoral Dissertation winners. In recent years, this institute conducted 1 of the “973” projects(Chief scientist),1 ”973” projects 1 Innovation Team Support Projects of the Ministry of Education,1 of the key projects of the National Natural Science Foudation of China,1 of the National Outstanding Youth Scholar, more than 20 of the National Natural science.

Foundation/Youth projects and conducted/participated more than 40 projects of national and provincial levels. This institute also achieved the second prize of the National Natural Science (first prize vacancies), 1 time of the first and second prizes of natural sciences from Ministry of Education respectively. 1 time of the Science and Technology Progress Award from the Ministry of Education, 2 times of second prizes of Beijing Science and technology and one time for the third prize, 1 time of the second prize of Anhui Science and Technology. The institute also won 4 national patents, and published 8 academic books and 300 SCI-indexed papers.


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