Department of Traffic Engineering

Department of Traffic Engineering was established in 2002, and it originally is the Urban Transportation Research institute which was founded in 1999 by merging the Comprehensive Transportation Teaching and Researching Section, Transportation Equipment Teaching and Researching Section and Transportation Simulation Center. There are 23 faculty members, including 6 professors,8 associate professors,9 assistant professors. Moreover, this department has one Changjiang Scholar Chair Professor, one Overseas High-level Experts Introduced by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, one Youth Thousands Plan, one government subsidy of the State Council of experts and one Beijing Distinguished Teacher.

Department of Traffic Engineering is mainly responsible for the undergraduate program of traffic engineering and the master and doctoral guidance for the major of transportation planning and management, urban traffic engineering and intelligent transportation engineering. Over the years, Department of Traffic Engineering has contributed groups of high-level professionals to the enterprise of traffic and transportation. Recently, the department achieved fruitful research accomplishments including 2 National”973”projects, 3 National “863”projects, 5 National Science and Technology Support projects and 15 projected founded by the National Natural Science Foundation of China(NSFC), as well as a number of provincial research projects. In addition, this department also contributed a large number of high-level academic papers in leading journals cited by SCI, EI and ISTP database. At present, the department is responsible for two national excellent courses and two Beijing Excellent Courses, and compiling the National “11th Five-year Plan” Textbooks, Beijing Excellent Textbooks and several undergraduate textbooks, and constructing the MOE Key Laboratory for Transportation Complex Systems Theory and Technology with the cooperation of other departments. In this department, traffic engineering courses teaching team is the Beijing Outstanding Team and State-level Teaching Team and traffic engineering program is honored under the National Characteristic Specialty.


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