Scientific Research

With many research achievements, School of Traffic and Transportation has played an important role in the development of national major projects and traffic and transportation service industry. Our school has contributed a lot in theory and practice research to current rail track speed increase, high-speed railway, heavy haulage, Qinghai-Tibet railway, railway freight and logistics. Also, Beijing ITS planning, automobile tail emission detection, bus-scheduling, and research in national logistics-related planning and policies undertook by our School provide great support and service for local economy and industry development. During the time period of “12th Five-year Plan”, School started 1129 scientific research projects with an expenditure of 296.96 million yuan, including national “973” projects (the first in the field of traffic and transportation), scientific and technological support plans, “863” projects, Natural Science Foundation of China projects, China Railways Corporation (previously known as the Ministry of Railways) , the Ministry of Traffic and Transportation projects, and numerous enterprise projects from the industry; published 187 SCI papers, 282 EI papers, 37 invention patents, 37 monographs; won 2 national awards, 13 provincial awards and many awards from industry association.

Majors with distinguished features of School:

1. Rail transit

This includes high-speed railway transportation organization, heavy haulage railway and plateau railway transportation organization, train operation plan and scheduling, wagon flow organization and marshaling plan, railway transport capacity resource allocation optimization, railway transport capacity calculation and usage, railway station yard design and operational organization optimization, railway special goods traffic loading and reinforcement technology, railway hazardous goods traffic technology, railway passengers traffic organization, railway passengers and freight marketing theory and technology, urban rail transit passenger flow forecast method and key technology, rail transit system modeling emulation and optimization, rail transit energy conservation method and key technology, etc. 

2. Urban traffic

This includes road and pedestrian traffic flow theory, the spatial and temporal distribution rule and induction of road network traffic flow, complexity theory and method for traffic and transportation system, traffic circulation analysis and evaluation technology, urban residents travelling behavior characteristics analysis method, public transport plan and operation management, cooperation and linkage control theory and method for urban express way, main road and side road, urban comprehensive traffic planning and management, etc.

  3. Intelligent, green and comprehensive transportation

This includes intelligent traffic theory and technology, public transportation intelligent scheduling, transport capacity resource optimization allocation and emergency-respond cooperation and linkage system, data analysis and release technology for bus station hub fusion scheduling information, traffic emission model and decision-making support, low-carbon and traffic environment, area comprehensive traffic system operation management and modeling method, area traffic networking intelligent induction control technology, etc.

4. System science

This includes system optimization theory and method, non-linear system theory and complexity, complex system analysis and integration, complex system modeling and control, etc.

5. Logistics engineering

This includes modern logistics theory and method, logistics system planning, big data and smart logistics, supply chain coordination, railway logistics development system, etc.

6. Transportation safety

Road transportation safety and driving behavior, theory and key technology for rail transit equipment maintenance and management, rail transit safety acquisition sensor network and fusion, rail transit equipment safety comprehensive detection and early warning, train group running safety comprehensive monitor and emergency respond, rail transit operation safety information integration and comprehensive coverage, etc.

7. Electronic commerce

This includes electronic commerce theory and technology, theory and key technology for railway geographic information system, etc.

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