Taking advantage of the background of traffic and transportation, we major adapt to the need of e-commerce development in internet era and cultivates high-end engineering and management talents who are able to perform e-commerce system design and development, commerce operation, and logistics management with basic knowledge and technology of math, foreign languages, computer and internet communications, information processing, economy management and commerce operation.

During learning period, students will learn humanities basic disciplines, and nature science basic disciplines like math, and physics etc., management and operation research, webpage and WEB program design technology, computer networks and internet, analysis and design of e-commerce system, e-commerce economy, marketing, and modern logistics technology and management etc. Also, students can have courses of e-commerce business website design and development, e-commerce comprehensive experiment and professional practice courses etc.

Students can pursue further education, studying at home university or Tsinghua University, Peking University, Renmin University of China, Fudan University and other universities on the lists of “National Project 985” and “National Project 211”, excellent students can be recommended for doctor degree or postgraduate degree; other students can perform system construction, commerce operation management in e-commerce or internet-related fields at relevant enterprises, like 阿里巴巴, Baidu, Sohu, JD, Lenovo, FedEx, China Mobile, China Foreign Trade Transportation Corporation, ICBC electronic bank etc.

Expert's opinions

Electronic has already been involved into various aspects of economic society, like shopping, buying tickets and booking hotels through internet.

Compared with other universities, except for setting up professional teaching system and content based on Teaching Steering Committee’s instruction, our e-commerce major also has following characteristics: Firstly, taking full use of the advantages in traffic and transportation in the past century, building e-commerce on the basis of traffic transportation industry, reflecting electronic in traffic and transportation activities; secondly, paying more attention to practical teaching, enable students to overcome obstacles. We welcome the students who are interested in computer network technology research to our major.

Introduction to expert: Professor Dong Baotian, expert in e-commerce, has won the 9th Five-year National Science and Technology Attack Plan “Advanced Individual”, Mao Yisheng Railways Technology Prize, and takes government subsidy.

Student's opinions

Now many universities have established e-commerce major, and most have their own characteristics. However, our characteristic is taking traffic transportation as background. We can get in touch with wide range of professional knowledge: In the aspects of technology and practice, we mainly learn about computer. In the aspects of profession, we learn about economics, management, e-commerce management, commerce system analysis and design etc. Cutting-edge thoughts of modern commerce management are included in these courses. Though the learning of knowledge, we are able to know other relevant knowledge through one case. As an e-commerce major student, whether to go for further education or find a job, combining theory with practice will always be beneficial.

Introduction to student: Lu Benjiang, 2008, from School of Traffic and Transportation, has already been recommended to School of Economics and Management of Tsinghua University for doctor degree. Lu has won National Scholarship, National Encouragement Scholarship, title of merit student, first prize in national team of “Innovation, Creativity and Entrepreneurship” Contest. 

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