Logistics engineering

This major is closely combine with the need of national economy and social development for modern logistics talents, making use of our advantage and characteristics in traffic and transport, introduces modern logistics thoughts, theories and technology, stresses professional knowledge and ability promotion like modern logistics system planning and design, logistics service operation management, logistics informatization technology, supply chain and industry chain layout and design etc., and cultivates logistics engineering technology and management talents with thoughts of logistics systematization and integration and abilities like logistics system operation and design.

Since sophomore year, students will systematically learn basic theory, knowledge and technology of logistics engineering, and start training practice, innovation, and coordination. Through the learning of core theory courses, and the practice courses combined with theory courses, like courses design, professional comprehensive experiment and production practice, students will improve the ability of innovation.

Graduates are able to work in government logistic management department, domestic and foreign renowned logistic enterprises, as well as large-scale modern manufacture enterprises, business enterprises and logistic department of emerging technology enterprises. Meanwhile, students can also work in planning institute, design institute, research institute, and banks for logistic planning, design, research and evaluation.

Expert's opinions

Transport is one of the most important key contents of logistic. Our logistics engineering was founded on freight transport major scientific research with hundreds of years of history and teaching advantages. Combining with the need for logistic talents of national economy and social development, through teaching method of open-research, enable students to do logistics engineering practice. Learning transport and logistics-related basic theories and practical technology, students will be skilled in innovation and practice cultivated and trained, so that they could become professional talents in logistics field with wide-open horizon and comprehensive abilities.

Graduates have chances to be recommended for Doctor or postgraduate degree, and have ability to work in logistic management department of government and enterprise, planning & design institutes, logistic and state-owned enterprises for management, operation and engineering technology management and research, as well as in development banks, security companies for investment evaluation.

Introduction to expert: Professor Wang Xifu, Director of Logistics Engineering Department, is an expert in transport logistics and management, has won second prize of National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology, and first prize of Ministry of Railways Prize for Progress in Science and Technology.

Student's opinions

Modern logistics is one of our emerging industries with promising future, and the society has large need for the talents of logistics. Logistics engineering is a major founded based on our transport background, with powerful research, teaching ability and characteristics. Special research-method teaching really impresses us, courses design, comprehensive experiment and internship in logistic enterprises help improve our practice ability and series speeches from executives of large logistic enterprises enable us to know about logistic industry latest news as well as broaden our horizon.

Wishes: Love your choice, learn while enjoy.

Introduction to student: Liu Chang, 2009, from School of Traffic and Transportation, has been recommended for master-doctor continuous study in traffic planning and management major in 2012. Liu has won scholarship multiple times and has published paper in international journal “Applied Mechanics and Materials”.

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