Traffic transportation (High-speed railway passenger transport scheduling and service)

In order to meet the urgent need of our high-speed railway development and international strategy for talents, thanks to traffic and transportation engineering national key discipline, we have established High-speed railway passengers transport scheduling and service major. This aims for cultivating high-level engineering technology talents and comprehensive operation management talents in high-speed railway network planning, transport capacity resource allocation, products design and marketing, transport scheduling and service management.

Since sophomore year, students will learn high-speed railway transport basic theory systematically. Adopting university-enterprises tutorial system, practice ability and creativity will be strengthened. Core courses include theory courses like high-speed railway passenger transport scheduling, high-speed railway time scheduling, high-speed railway station yard and hub, high-speed railway passenger transport service, and practice courses like courses design related to the theory courses, railway transport comprehensive experiment, and high-speed railway passenger transport production practice.

Graduates are able to work in relevant Railway Bureau management departments, stations, railway planning and designing institute, high-speed railway corporations and international enterprises related to high-speed railway.

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