Traffic and transportation (Intellectual transport engineering)

With the assistance of national first-level disciplines like traffic transport engineering, security science and engineering, and control-science and engineering, rail transportation control and security national lab, Beijing urban traffic information intelligence and service engineering technology research center, our major is able to cultivate comprehensive talents carrying fused knowledge like traffic transport engineering, auto-control, telecommunications and computer technology.. Also our major will cultivate talents with abundant basic knowledge, broad horizon, and creativity, meeting the need of automation, informatization, intellectualization of traffic transport industry, carrying knowledge like traffic transport basic theory, traffic transport intellectual detection, traffic transport intellectual information processing, traffic transport control and intellectual transport system designing etc., bearing quality of humanity, engineering and science, who are able to solve technology and engineering problems in intellectual transport and to perform jobs like intellectual traffic transport equipment and system research, designing, development, technology management.

Expert's opinions

Intellectual transport is the ultimate and tendency of traffic transport industry development, as a result, high-level and comprehensive talents with informatization background are needed. Compared with other universities, there are following distinguish characteristics of our intellectual transport engineering major: Firstly, we make use of our advantage in traffic transport for past centuries, through traffic transport engineering national disciplines, rail traffic control and security national lab, and the talents training base, and provide students with better learning environment and learning background support; secondly, we strengthen our practice part during teaching, which enables students to possess professional knowledge and the ability to perform.

Introduction to expert: Professor Jia Limin, expert in intellectual transport engineering, has won Beijing science and technology prize, Beijing science progress prize, institution of high level science and technology progress prize of Education Ministry, science and technology prize of China rail academy.

Student's opinions

Intellectual transport engineering is an undergraduate major newly founded by School of traffic and transportation following the tendency of traffic transport development, in order to cultivate brilliant talents in traffic and transportation industry. Thanks to the background of School of traffic and transportation, combining computer science, telecommunications technology and system control technology, intellectual transport engineering is an inter-discipline which is able to adapt to the flourish of future traffic transport, and dedicated to cultivating brilliant engineers in the industry.

Around the world, development of intellectual transport is in blossom. Domestically, our intellectual transport is in fast development, therefore, there is huge need for talents in intellectual transport. Intellectual transport is a new and wide field to fulfill ourselves, we will certainly achieve the goal.

Introduction to student: Ru Nan, 2010 undergraduate, from intellectual transport engineering, has won multiple times of Siemens special scholarship, brilliant academic performance scholarship of university, title of merit student and excellent league member.

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