Traffic and transportation (urban rail traffic)

In order to meet the demand from rapid development of urban rail traffic, on the profound basis of railway transport, we found major direction in urban rail traffic through practical teaching and theory with characteristics. Being admitted into “Outstanding Engineer Training Program” in 2010, this major cultivates executives and engineering talents in urban rail traffic planning, designing, construction and management.

Since sophomore year, students will learn professional theory systematically and start practical activity. Core courses include urban rail traffic planning and designing, urban rail traffic system operation and management, urban passengers transport management and emergency respond, rail trains scheduling calculation and designing, rail trains operation control system and urban planning etc. Practical activities include courses design, comprehensive experiment and production practice, which are highly relevant to major.

Graduates are able to find job in organizations related to urban rail traffic planning, designing, construction, consulting and operation. For instance, Beijing Urban Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd, Beijing General Municipal Engineering Design & Research Institute Co., Ltd, Beijing Municipal Institute of City Planning & Designing, Beijing Infrastructure Investment Co., Ltd, Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation, China Metro Engineering Consulting Corporation, and Beijing Subway. Graduates can also work in other railway-related enterprises like China Railway Siyuan Survey and Design Group Co., Ltd.

Expert's opinions

Our urban rail traffic is the earliest-founded in China, cultivating talents with open horizon and comprehensive abilities. Department chooses open teaching method, on one hand, enabling students to get in touch with rail transit practice closely and directly; on the other hand, increasing research skills through courses design and subject competition. It has been proven that these methods have been achieved  great success, some students get awards from national level to provincial and city level, some continue to study for master degree and doctor degree, and those who join in work always get compliment from the enterprises.

Introduction to expert: Professor Mao Baohua, Director of the Department of Urban Rail Traffic, expert in urban rail traffic, has won second prize of National Natural Science Prize, title of “Beijing Distinguished Teacher” and “Baogang National Excellent Teacher”.

Student's opinions

Due to the fast construction of urban rail traffic, there is a huge need for talents in planning and designing, operation and management. With brilliant faculty teams and perfect courses system, our urban rail traffic major enable students to practice in Beijing railway national program education center. Under the instruction of both teachers and skilled-workers on site, we can go practice in rail yard and stations. By doing this, we can deepen our understanding in professional knowledge and learn more about the frontier technological knowledge in this field. Besides, we have other courses implementation to train the ability of students to find, analyze and solve problems, in the meantime to improve their ability in coordination, cooperation and communication. In this way, students will improve their theory understanding and comprehensive ability in practice.

Introduction to student: Lu Kai, 2009, from School of traffic and transportation, has been recommended for doctor degree in Beijing Jiaotong University in 2012. He won the title of  “University Merit Student”, scholarship for “Mao Yisheng rail education”, and second prize of Beijing traffic technology competition.

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