Traffic and Transportation (Railway Transportation)

Railway transportation is a traditional major with advantage in the field of Transportation. This major has started enrollment since 1909 with many graduates being experts, scholars in railway transport management, and executives in railway transport industry. With influence and high reputation in the industry both at home and abroad, Railway transport was selected into “Outstanding Engineer Training Program” in 2010.

Since sophomore year, on the basis of learning traffic and transportation major fundamental courses, students will move the focus to study basic theory of railway transport, as well as starting practical and innovative ability training. Core courses include theory courses like railway train scheduling, railway station-yard and junction terminal, railway freight transportation, railway passenger traffic etc. and practical courses like courses design, railway transport comprehensive experiment, railway transport production practice etc.

This major is designed to cultivate high-level technology talents in railway transport planning, design and management. Graduates are able to work in transportation management administration, planning and designing institute, scientific and research institution, rail transit operating companies, railway bureau or railway corporation, transportation department of large logistics and mine corporation, international traffic consulting company, traffic and transportation financial investment and management institution like bank and security company.

Expert's opinions

Our school’s railway transport major is the first in this kind domestically, as well as our traditional advanced one, providing a large number of talents in railway transport management, research and engineering. Now many executives, researchers and scientific and technical workers in railways administration, railway bureau and basic stations are originated from this major. Graduates mainly go to railway train scheduling & passengers and freight transit service organization, railways design and scientific research institutions, logistics enterprises, expresses enterprises, related academic institutions, railway agencies around the country and marketing agencies.

Introduction to expert: Professor Zhou Leishan, Director of the Department Of Transportation Management Engineering, expert in railway transport. Professor Zhou has led in a lot of high-level academic projects like national 863 projects. He is the winner of the Significant achievement prize in national science and technology breakthrough and Technology progress prize both in Beijing and Railway Bureau. Zhou has also been elected as “my favorite teacher” in consecutive years.

Student's opinions

Railway transport is one of the most time-honored, distinctive and strongest majors in Beijing Jiaotong University, relating to fields like scheduling, designing, operating, management etc. in railway transport. The theory of all majors is mature with a lot of opportunities, and graduates can seek jobs in different types of enterprises. Railway transport plays an important role in our 5 main ways of transportation and is a key part of our transportation industry. We can study knowledge of majors related to railway transport, and master professional knowledge like railway transport scheduling theory, railway station yard design etc. Through practical activities, we can get to know on-site work of this field and learn how to combine reality with our theory. On the basis of railway transport, we can explore to urban road transport and urban rail traffic in order to establish comprehensive transport theory.

Introduction to student: Shang pan, 2009, from School of traffic and transportation, who has been recommended for admission to Tsinghua University School of Civil Engineering, department of civil engineering for postgraduate. 

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