The Professor Lei Nie did the special report, "Chinese Story (V)", at the United Nations Headquarters

Invited by the United Nations Economic and Social Council Special Consultative Non-Governmental Organization China Energy Fund Committee, the Professor of the School of Traffic and Transportation, Lei Nie, gave a special report on "Chinese Story (V)" at the United Nations Headquarters from 11 to 14 April 2017. This program was supported by DESA, ECOSOC, Chinese delegation at the United Nations and Consulate General of China in New York.

The "Chinese Story" series of special reports aim to provide the latest news from China's promotional activities for the United Nations member states, institutions and entities, as well as international financial institutions, and help them understand the Chinese government's decision-making and social development. Hence they can strengthen exchanges and cooperation with China.

The theme of the fifth "Chinese Story" is "infrastructure construction and sustainable development", and it focuses on the development status and prospects of infrastructure in China under the environment of "the Belt and Road", and it explores the opportunities and challenges of sustainable development of infrastructure in the future. This program can strengthen the world's understanding of China's infrastructure industry and "the Belt and Road", and can help open up diversified channels for the Chinese transport enterprises.

On the morning of April 11, 2017, Professor Lei made a special report, "The Development of Transportation System", at the United Nations Headquarters, and participated in the High-level Seminar, "'the Belt and Road', promote sustainable development goals" in the afternoon. The United Nations officials, the United Nations diplomats, scholars and other hundreds of people also participated in this report. Hongbo Wu, Deputy Secretary for Economic and Social Affairs of the United Nations, and Jieyi Liu , Permanent Representative of China to the United Nations, made speeches at the conference. Professor Lei also made a speech at this conference.


 "Chinese Story" special report at the United Nations Headquarters on 11 April

Under the initiative of "the Belt and Road", Professor Lei, introduced the "China-EU" and the national economic development along this railroad at the United Nations seminar on April 12th.


The seminar of "the Belt and Road" on April 12th

Professor Lei participated the report meeting, "' the Belt and Road ' and the corresponding Sino-US cooperation under the Concept of Chinese and Western Philosophy" at the Kaufman Center in New York on April 13. Professor Lei made a report on the development of China's traffic for the US people, and this report focused on China's rail transit, especially the impact of development of high-speed rail on the socio-economic. Each report, Professor Lei introduced the Beijing Jiaotong University and its contribution to the implementation of the " the Belt and Road " strategy.

The program has been widely concerned by the media, and Global Network, CDC, Sina have all reported about that.


Made a report for the US people at the Kaufman Center in New York on April 13th


Answer the questions asked by the American people at the Kaufman Center in New York on April 13th


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