The first Sino-Foreign Education Program gets approval successfully

Recently, the undergraduate education project of traffic and transportation host by Beijing Jiaotong University and Delft University of Technology cooperatively got approved successfully. The serial number for record in the ministry of education is MOE11N2A20161798N. The project has been brought into National Unified Enrollment plan from 2017 and is a 4-year education system.

Delft University of Technology is a well-known university in Netherlands, founded in 1842, is the Netherlands's oldest, largest, involved the most extensive scope in major and most comprehensive Polytechnic University. Its expertise covers almost all of the fields in engineering science and is honored as ‘MIT in Europe’. Its high quality in teaching, research level enjoys high reputation both in Netherlands domestically and internationally. In the 2014/2015 QS world university rankings(Science and Engineering), Delft University of Technology ranked 16th all over the world. The university currently have 2668 staffs, 19613 students on campus including 3151 international students from more than 100 countries.

The university has perfect teaching facilities and advanced scientific research equipments. At present, there’re 8 departments in total including majors like Mechanics, Marine Engineering and Material Engineering, Architecture, Civil Engineering and Earth Science, Electrical Engineering, Mathematics and Computer Science, Industrial design Engineering, Aeronautical Engineering, Technique, policy and management, Applied Science, etc.

As the first Sino-Foreign Education Program in our department, leaders of the department attached highly importance to the preparation, filling and declaration work, giving several guidance and advices to the progress of the project. Besides, leaders of the department also deliberated with leaders of Netherlands over the matters such as the amount of investment, curriculum settings, teaching management, configuration of the teachers, evaluation methods, etc. Finally, an agreement on the cooperative education between two universities was signed in Sept. 2016.

The approval of this project is a breakthrough in the international school running progress of our department. The department will follow the requirements from higher authorities, strictly implement the international cooperative education according to the rules. Also, the department would strengthen the teaching management in cooperative education, ensuring the quality, improving the cooperative level between two schools in all aspects, making good use of the high quality education resources from Netherlands, drawing lessons from the Netherlands’ advanced education philosophy and pattern, making more students receive greater gains through the platform of international cooperative education as well as promoting the overall teaching level and elevating the teaching quality of the department.


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