Vice-president of Yokohama National University visited

On January 16th, vice-president of Beijing Jiaotong University Liu Jun met with Nakamura Fumihiko,  vice-president of Yokohama National University, and the professor Yamada of the Urban Innovation Institute who visited our school. Two parties discussed on matters in order to further promote the cooperation between two schools and signed the agreement on academic exchange.

Liu Jun first welcomed the delegation’s visit on the behalf of the school and reviewed the history of communications between two sides, hoping to take this opportunity to strengthen the cooperations in short-term exchanges, student exchanges, summer schools and other aspects in order to provide more two-way exchange choices for teachers and students..

Nakamura Fumihiko expressed gratitude for the warm reception of our school. He introduced the international development and student exchanges of Yokohama National University in recent years, hoping both sides could further deepen cooperation, expand the scale of student exchanges and enrich the cooperation content.

After that, the representatives of two sides signed an agreement on academic exchange between two schools.

Dean of the school of Traffic and Transportation Nie Lei, assistant-dean Meng Lingyun and professor Shao Chunfu attended the meeting.


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