About 2014 Beijing jiaotong university summer soci

For the further implementation of the third plenary session of the 18 spirit, earnestly study and implement general secretary xi series of important speech and the teachers and students in Beijing university symposium speech spirit, guide the broad masses of young students in deep society, understand the national conditions, take exercise in the process of cultivating and practicing the socialist core values, firmly establish a party with walk the road of socialism with Chinese characteristics, strive to realize China's dream of the ideal faith. Give full play to the advantages of practice education, effectively build "know, return society" multichannel platform, contribute to the construction of the motherland in further guide the broad masses of young students, school youth corps committee according to order school youth corps committee, continue to organize in 2014, Beijing jiaotong university summer social practice thematic education activity, now will inform the following specific requirements.

First, the guiding ideology

To publicity xi general secretary of the series of important speech and symposium speech between teachers and students in Beijing university spirit as an opportunity, to guide students cultivate and practice the socialist core values as the key point, adhere to the "make contributions by education, long talent," the purpose, in accordance with the "target precision work, systematic and implementation of the project, the spread of three-dimensional" and "on-demand investigating, according to the study group, two-way benefit" principle, the organization capital university school of old technical secondary school students to carry out the rich contents, various forms of practice service activities, efforts to expand coverage, promotion activities effectiveness, summarize new education practice.

Second, the activity theme

"Study xiude, for our country to practice discernment probity"

Three, activity time

July 2014 - September

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